Parent & Toddler

Our group continues to go from strength to strength. Each new year brings with it not only
new children but parents, carers and grandparents as well. It is wonderful to watch
friendships being made between children and adults that will last even when they have
moved on.
We are blessed to have and are very thankful for the facilities we enjoy: a warm, clean,
spacious hall and the opportunity, through a yearly grant, to purchase new toys and
equipment. This year we bought a slide, a trampoline and a new bike which have all proved
very popular. We were also able to purchase arts and craft material, as painting is one of
the activities enjoyed by all age groups.
We had two visits to Wacky Workshop this year and Santa paid us a visit. We celebrated
Valentines Day, Mothering Sunday and Easter through craft activities. Our end of year
outing was a trip from Portrush to Coleraine by train followed by an hour of energetic play at
the Leisure Centre. Another busy but enjoyable year!
Our thanks again go to the two ladies in kitchen, Iris and Anne, without their help we just
couldn’t cope. Many thanks also to our new helper Margaret. We would like to take this
opportunity to thank Ray Weir for all her work with us over the years. We send her our best
wishes. (There is now a vacancy for a pianist on a Friday morning - no references required!)
Finally our group is a community group and we draw our members from all areas. Our thanks
to them for all their support.
The Committee this year is as follows:-
Leader: Gail Bickerstaff
Secretary and Treasurer: Leslie McWhinney
Volunteers: Margaret Ridley, Iris Graham, Linda Edgar, James Ferguson and Grace Wilson.

If you want to learn more about the Parent & Toddlers please contact: 

Gail Bickerstaff through the Church Office 028 70822612