Leader in Charge:
Sundays from 7.30 - 9.15pm
Age range: Secondary School (11yrs to 18yrs)

‘If anything should mark out our ministry generally and in particular our youth ministry it should be the concept of grace, which allows people space to move along the road in their journey to faith in Christ and to develop and grow in their faith in ways which we may find uncomfortable and different to our traditional way of doing things, but faithful and relevant to the society in which we live and interact. Within that we, as a church, should be challenged and moved forward, as we as leaders have been, by the enthusiasm, commitment and energy of our youth.’

MTT Stands for “More Than This”- reminding us every week that we live for more than this life! MTT is our main youth ministry for young people of secondary school age and runs every Sunday. The leaders and young people together create a lively and exciting program where growth, development and fun are all encouraged together. The program consists of a variety of different night plans, between the more formal teaching nights, youth club nights and other special nights and social activities. We also run youth weeks and weekends over the year and we are committed to growing a family of young people who will seek to bring the church to their schools! We hope MTT is a relational, friendly and nurturing environment, where growth is encouraged and deep friendships will begin!

In past summersMTT has been sending missions teams down to Cork in Southern Ireland to help out at the Haven, a Christian café and book shop and in a previous year Kelli McFarlane, one of our former Pais workers relocated to Cork to set up a team of Pais youth and schools workers in that city.

"Youthreach", our annual Easter outreach week, is very well attended. This coming year, YouthReach is going to be even better with even more exciting activities and great teaching and the leaders are already preparing and looking forward to it!

Leader in Charge Matt Adams

with Ian Moxen, Matt Drennan, Emma Peacock and Lynsey Adams