We are Ballywillan Presbyterian Church

We work to know Christ and Lovingly to make Him known.

- SUNDAY SERVICES ARE IN THE BUILDING - however, it is important to remind everyone that if you or someone you live with have coronavirus symptoms (fever, particularly a high temperature; a continuous cough; loss of sense of taste or smell) it is absolutely essential you must not attend Services or meetings.

Services continue to be livestreamed and are archived so can be viewed on-demand via the Live Webcast page on this Website.



FUNERAL SERVICES, if Livestreamed, can be viewed by going to LIVE WEBCAST: Service of Thanksgiving. For a period of 2 weeks each Service is archived and can be viewed on demand on the Live Webcast page during that period

Welcome to Ballywillan

Registered Charity in Northern Ireland (NIC 105543)

Ballywillan Presbyterian Church is a church situated just on the outskirts of Portrush in County Antrim. We have a live webcast of our service every Sunday morning as well as an archive of our past sermons. More information about the church can be found in the sections below:

  1. Our Mission.
  2. Directions to the church

The Church Office will be open on Monday to Thursday mornings each week from 9.00am to 12.30pm. Contact can be made at all times by telephone 70822612 or by e-mail to the office address: [email protected]

This website for the Church is updated on a regular basis and all immediate and important information will be detailed here. As the situation regarding the coronavirus pandemic changes in Northern Ireland; and following guidance from PCI, any information relating to Ballywillan Church will be posted on this website.

Posted Monday 20th September: The Bulletin for the 80th Webcast Morning Service at 10.30am on Sunday 26th September will be available on this website on Thursday 23rd.

BALLYWILLAN MEN'S FELLOWSHIP: The Fellowship will recommence weekly meetings on Thursday 23rd September at 10.30am in the Main Hall when the speaker will be Rebecca Parnell from The Leprosy Mission NI. The full programme of speakers to December can be found on this website by going to MINISTRY: ADULT MINISTRY: MEN'S FELLOWSHIP. Members old and new are very welcome to attend!

ORGANISATION START-UP DATES: MTT - 19th September; Bible Class - October (tbc); Girl's Brigade - Explorers 1st October: All other Sections 5th October; Boy's Brigade - 7th October.

BOWLING CLUB: meets on Monday 27th September at 7.00pm and on Tuesday 28th at 2.00pm. Everyone welcome!

BIBLE STUDY GROUPS: Meet friends and grow in faith by reading the Bible together - during the autumn and winter months people will be meeting to do just that, in the church premises, online or, when it becomes possible, in homes. Groups meet fortnightly, some in the morning, some in the evening, beginning in October. This year we shall be looking at Philippians, and whether you are new or have been in a group before, you are very welcome to join us.

BACK TO BASICS: will recommence on Wednesday 6th October at 7.30pm. Everyone welcome!

"COME DINE WITH ME": will recommence on Sunday 17th October at 12.30pm in Portstewart Golf Club. Contact details are in the Bulletin.

GUIDELINES FOR WORSHIPPING IN OUR CHURCH BUILDING: Services in the Church building following guidelines from the Stormont Executive and PCI have now resumed. However, it is important to remind everyone that if you or someone you live with have coronavirus symptoms (fever, particularly a high temperature; a continuous cough; loss of sense of taste or smell) it is absolutely essential you must not attend Services or meetings. Precautions such as wearing masks in the building, social distancing and hand hygiene will still be in place. Services will also be Livestreamed as usual. This video will show you how these guidelines work in Ballywillan Church:

THE PRAYER MINISTRY TEAM will be available on Sunday mornings after the Service finishes and before JAM begins (from @11.20am). The Team will be available on the phoneline until 12.00 noon. If you would like someone to pray with/for you during this time, please call or text 07927292336

PRAYER GROUP - Our congregational prayer time takes place on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month at 7.30pm. Meetings are held in the Octagon. Forthcoming meetings of the Prayer Group will be held on 22nd September; 13th & 27th October. An Elders Prayer Meeting, currently via Zoom, takes place at 7.00pm on the last Sunday of each month.

DAILY BREAD Bible Reading Notes - We encourage everyone to read the Bible regularly. Bible reading notes are available to help with this and these can be ordered through the Church Office.


God is so good. Thank you for your message and for sharing God's grace with us.....in giving! In praying! In caring! £100,000 is a miraculous mark. God has indeed done way more than we can think, ask or even imagine!
That is a miraculous feat! Thank you for sharing. Thank you for giving. Thank you for NOT giving up on us. Thank you for standing with us. Thank you for your prayers. What a year! Without you, in Christ, we simply could NOT have made it this far! Lives have been saved, restored, clothed, fed, educated.....hope has been breathed into the children and team.
Whilst the biggest and the world's most profitable businesses in our nation have been looted, burnt down, crushed, wiped out - leaving many jobless and hopeless, God's grace on us has never been more apparent. His miraculous provision has never been more clear. His protection never more obvious. It feels literally like God Himself has put us on His shoulders and carried us through the storms that even the largest multinational companies could not and did not survive here in Eswatini. More friends have died from covid just this last week. Congregants. Young people. Professionals that did not take the vaccine. I visited the covid wards several times this last week to see them. The sight of hundreds on ventilators, struggling to breath, grasping for life was traumatizing, discouraging, yet, when we pause and recognize that God Himself has protected our children, our aunties, our staff, our family.....us....that He has continued to breath His life into us, we see such grace, such provision. And we have got through the 3rd wave again protected. This is in large part due to God's grace through your prayers, your church's provision and the privilege that we have to implement your grace gift to so many. Lives have been touched. Hope has been restored. Faith has been imparted. Love has truly covered so many through you, being God's church. Thank you so much!
We celebrate God's goodness. £100,000 is 2,000,000 here! That's a miracle.
But through it, God has done exponentially more than we could have imagined. Thank you for being His hands and feet. Thank you for breathing His hope and faith. Thank you for being His love! THANK YOU FOR NOT GIVING UP ON US! THANK YOU FOR GIVING SO GENEROUSLY TO US!
Kevin and Helen Ward Challenge Ministries Swaziland

BALLYWILLAN YOUTH & FAMILY: for all our latest youth and family updates check out Ballywillan Youth on these links: Facebook and Instagram. On this page, you can also click on the Youth and Family button, which is on the right on a desktop and at the bottom of the page on mobile, for all relevant details. Our SOAP midweek devotional can be found here

Chris Cunningham is our Youth and Family Worker and he can be contacted at [email protected] or by phone 028 70444841.

MISSED A WEBCAST SERVICE? You can watch recorded Services by going to the Live Webcast page and following the instructions there.

LIVESTREAM VIEWER NUMBERS: This information is available on the applicable Livestream webpage.

You can download "Praying for issues around coronavirus" by clicking here.

CHURCH MISSION STATEMENT AND PLAN 2019 - 2023 - Session have updated the Church Action Plan for the next 4 years. This can be found under the title ABOUT US: WHAT WE BELIEVE.

350 Years of Ministry

The book "To lovingly make known .... Ballywillan Presbyterian Church from 1661" has been produced to celebrate 350 years of ministry in the church.

Copies to purchase are available in the Church vestibule and in the Link or by contacting the church office.

Click here for office contact information